The Vitamobile

Everyone would like to be healthy and vital. And when your body get what it needs, you’ll feel good in your skin and you function at your best. Unfortunately we don’t always succeed in eating varied and healthy. We eat too little fruit, vegetables and fibers. Causing us to feel drained and tired. We suffer more from aliments and our immune system lets us down. If you take the recommended amount of minerals and vitamins every day, it will automatically make you more energetic, cheerful and stronger. Above all you build up a healthy defense system.

What does the Vitamobile do?
The sparkling Vitamobile contains a bunch of fresh fruits, vegetables and other Superfoods. Of these, delicious Vitamin shakes are prepared. The Vitamin shakes are provided with an as high as possible vitamin and mineral content and give an optimal addition to the daily nutritions. We use natural additions like goji-berries, chia seeds, maca, raw cacao or wheat grass which will boost the health even more. The Vitamobile fits through all standard doors and in most elevators, which allows us to get to most spaces in a building. Because of this the concept is easy to use as decoration for a business event, even on a roofdeck!

During the preparation of the Vitamin shakes the employees of the Vitamobile explain the healthy aspects of the shakes. In a fun, exciting way we make your guests aware of the benefits of the right nutritions and we proof that healthy and delicious go hand in hand.