S. Cvetkovic, ASML

"I am very positive, I lost 4kg and feel better, with higher energy level, less brain fog. I didn't feel much problems to sustain it. I appreciate your effort put in mails and explanations, they gave me insight. "

C. Baschirotto, ASML

"The smoothies and soup quality was really good, and I love the recipes you sent. Thank you for your guidance through this experience and for the good service!"

Sanne Versteegen, HR Specialist International Mobility at ASML

"Since the detox@work I have picked up my healthy lifestyle and I am feeling better than ever! I can see the results in my belly and my skin. That is great !"

Sasja Luijk Head of Human Resources ZEISS Sales and Service Company Benelux

"it was a huge success. Everyone had a great meal ! Really, almost everything was eaten up. Thank you very much"

Peter-Jan Both (deelnemer detox@work), Managing Sr. Director DUV at ASML

"After the detox@work I feel the need for pure food. My body is no longer interested in sugars or trans-fatty acids"

Nancy mac Gillavry, ASML (participant detox@work)

"It is very nice to receive daily encouragements by email during the detox@work"

Ans Knape, Vice President HR&O at ASML (deelnemer detox@work)

"Thank you for everything during the detox. My compliments for the way things were taking care for. The cooling bags, bottles, timing, really fantastic!"

Claudia Koks, CK Management support at ASML (participant detox@work)

""I am feeling good after the detox, much more energy !""