What is DETOX?
DETOX stands for Detoxification. It’s a way to cleanse your body and undo yourself from toxic substances, with as goal to optimize your body processes. 

We are exposed to toxic substances every day. We take them in by air pollution, cleaning products, care products, or as consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle. When these substances enter our body and stack up, it has a negative effect on our health. 

Is DETOX put away for me?
Everyone has weird symptoms every once in a while which don’t make you go to the doctor right away. 

If one or more characteristics are applicable, then a detox-cure could definitely help you to get rid of or reduce the symptoms.

- Dark circles/bags under the eyes
- Dealing with headaches or migraines
- Dealing with eczema or rashes
- Dull hair?
- Dealing with joint or muscle pains
- Having a cold or a stuffed nose very often
- A bitter taste in your mouth regularly
- Stressed
- Dealing with a sensitive intestine
- Feeling bloated very often
- Tired on a regular basis, also after getting up
- Concentration problems 
- Sleeping problems
- Dealing with alternating moods, anxiety or depression 
- Cellulite
- Dealing with earaches, ear infections and tinnitus
- Daily consumptions of more than 3 cups of coffee, tea or caffeine-containing soda
- Daily use of alchohol
- Smoking
- Consumption of red meat at least twice a week
- Craving towards certain foods such as sweets or bread
- Irregular bowel movement? (constipation or diarrhea)

What can you expect from DETOX@HOME ?
- Information about- and recipes for the preparation of your DETOX, the so-called Pretox
- Information about- and recipes for the reduction of your DETOX (working towards a normal eating pattern, the so-called Retox)

Content of the DETOX PACKAGE:
- 5 x Starter: shot of wheat grass juice
- 5 x Breakfast: Nutritious vitaminshake
- 5 x In between: Vitaminshake light
- 5 x Lunch: Nutritious Vitaminshake
- 5 x In between: Vitaminshake light
- 5 x Diner: Light vegan soup
- 5 x Energyball for a difficult moment
- Detox herbal tea from VELT from Gemert, in support of the drainage of the waste substances
- Personal guidance from our nutritionists per email
The deepfrozen package will be delivered at your home on a time and date we both agree on

Participating this all-inclusive DETOX@HOME program amounts €149,50 (incl. BTW)
Delivery in a range of 10 km is FREE