Catering packages

Make your choise from our delicious and healthy catering packages (from 15 pers)

THE COLOR BOWL          10,-
Quinoa bowl with edamame, sticky tempeh, wakame, legumes, mango and chili-almonds

BASIC BOOST             11,50
(packed in personal lunch-boxes)
- Whole wheat sourdough sandwich with homemade spread, grilled veggies, and a choise in; -pulled jackfruit, sticky tempeh or sliced avocado
-Side salad with veggies of the season

VEG FOR MORE       13,-
(packed in personaal lunch boxes)
- Nutritious lunch salad packed with veggies of the season, whole grains, protein component and a topping
- Whole wheat wrap with pulled jackfruit, grilled veggies and chili-almonds

TRIPLE F (Functional Food for Focus)  21,-
Bell pepper stuffed with quinoa and vegan minced 'meat'
- Frittata with spinach, sundried tomatoes and feta 
- Harissa carrots with a tahin dressing and pomegranate
- Green salad of the season
- Bread with 2 homemade spreads

- Vitamin smoothie          3,5
- Fresh fruit salad             3,7
Fresh soup                       4,7

- Energyball                                                      1,5
- Choc-Medjool date with walnut           1,5
- Better brownie                                             2,5
- Keltic parship cake                                     3,-
- Bananabread with nuts and raisins    3,5
- Avocado chocolat pie                                4,-