Green meetings on 1st class location Eindhoven

At Buitenhuys-Gennep, a 1st class meeting location in Eindhoven, Healthfoodness arranges helathy and sustainable meeting packages. Buitenhuys-Gennep is situated on the horse ranch in the Genneper Parcs, on the opposite of the High Tech Campus. A tasteful spot that projects luxury and warmth.

During your meeting, presentation, workshop or brainstormsession, you want your participants to stay energetic and alert during the day.  That is why you make sure that your program is facinating and interesting. We will support you by supplying healthy and sustainable food that tastes great, and brings all the nutritions to keep everyone physically and mentally fit. It will take the best out of the day and out of your guests.  That is what we call Functional Food !

Packages and rates of healthfoodness in collaboration with Buitenhys Gennep:

Location per half day (morning, afternoon or evening)   € 180,-
Location per day (08:00 - 18:00)                                           € 330,-
Location per day + evening (08:00 - 23:00)                         € 450,-

- 2 small wholewheat/sourdough rolls with a choise of 2 variaties in:
     - Tahini, sliced avocado, alfalfa, lemon-pepper
     - Bio peanutbutter with in coconut oil baked spicy banana,                         gojiberries and roasted coconut flakes
     - kale- or spinach pesto with buffalo mozarella, pumpkinseeds and          lemon-pepper
     - Pulled jackfruit with lettuce and sundried tomatoes
     - Houmous with grilled vegetables and pomgranate seeds
- Green salad from the season with fresh vegetables
- Salad of the season with veggies and complex carbs

DRINKS € 2,- p.p.p. hour
- Unlimeted Coffee (Nespresso), tea, mineralwater, juice, soda and fresh fruits.

- Energysnack. Handrolled balls made of dried fruits and nuts. a great alternitive for bisquits with your coffee/tea. € 1,65 p.p.
- Energyzer. A fresh vitaminshake made of fruits and veggies from the season. € 3,75 p.p. 

For reservations please contact or call:

Buitenhuys Gennep is suitable for groups up to 20 persons.
There is sufficient parkingspace on the spot.