Vitality catering

We reach vitality by daily movement, enough sleep and healthy foods and drinks. 

Most employees and students work hard and make long days. We want to help them in making healthy decisions which will give them energy to get through the day. People who feel fit throughout the day can store information a lot easier, stay alert longer, have more energy, and are often more optimistic. For this reason we only work with 100% pure ingredients, which are free of artificial additions, free of refined sugars but full of vitamins and fibers and are of course freshly prepared every day.

Naturally, Veggies and fruits are playing the main role in our kitchen. We love to create beautiful things with all the treasures of Mother Earth! 

Our conviction
We see vitality catering as a matter of self-evidence. We believe that the availability of enjoyable and healthy food is a right every employee and student should have. Food allergies and intolerances have been increasing. This is partly to blame on our over-cultivated and processed food. When you have to repulse certain foods, it’s hard to find safe food inside the company restaurants and kantines. Also for people with certain diet convictions such as vegetarians or vegans, paleo, raw-food or low-carb foods it’s hard to get an enjoyable and healthy lunch at school or at work. That’s why we pay attention to this group of people and like to respond to their wishes.

We want to dust off sustainability. It’s hip and happening to go sustainable. We don’t put our focus on the ‘why’ because we are all familiar with that. Products of the season, preferably from local farmers, served in Bio-packaging; We just do it!

Customized vitality catering
Every new location, big or small, requires a different approach. That’s why love to visit the company or school to listen to the wishes of her employees or students. From there we create a customized plan!