Soup or Vitamineshake subscription

We, Dutch people, love a good stack of sandwiches during our lunch, preferably richly filled with cheese, meat or sweets. Bread gives a lot of good nutrition and is for a reason our number 1 consumed food. However, with such a traditional lunch we often forget fresh vegetables and fruits. And that is unfortunate!

The health council advices us to eat 250 grams of vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit daily.

But did you know that not even 10% of the Dutch population eats enough vegetables and fruits? The lunch should be the moment to eat the biggest portion of your daily vegetables and fruits. This doesn’t mean you should always be chewing on a cucumber or a tomato. A good cup of fresh soup easily contains 40-50% of your daily needs in vegetables. And with an enjoyable smoothie you’re often over 50% of the amount of fruit you need in a day. This makes it very easy to consume the remaining nutritions in a day!

Speaking about easy…. At Healthfoodness you can get your soup- and/or vitaminshake subscription for all hard working people inside the company. Or for the sweet kids at a daycare, the playful children at primary schools or the rebellious teenagers in high school. Because especially the children who are developing and in the middle of their growth, really need the basic nutritions. And let me tell you that not even 3% of the Dutch kids takes in enough vegetables and fruits…

Our core values are; Fresh, pure, free of artificial additions and with LOVE prepared.

This means a lot of vitamins for very vital employees and students! Prices for the soup subscription vary between €1,85 till €4,00 p.p. for adults. Prices for the vitaminshake subscription amounts €2,25 p.p. At day cares the prices p.p. are obviously lower in relation to smaller portions. You can contact us for more information